What Readers Are Saying About The Red Line.

“A superb political as well as military thriller, THE RED LINE stitches an all-too-plausible doomsday scenario that pulls no punches in scoring a literary knockout. Terrifyingly prescient in its premise and scarily spot-on in its execution, Walt Gragg’s debut novel channels both Tom Clancy and W.E.B. Griffin in crafting a masterfully researched tour de force of a tale. Gragg puts his own military experience to great use in focusing on a war-time mindset in which the time, place and people change, but not the stakes or nature of heroism itself. Riveting and relentless.”
Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author.
“The Best World War Three Epic I’ve Read Since RED STORM RISING.”
Grant Blackwood, New York Times Best Selling Author of TOM CLANCY DUTY AND HONOR.
“You’re going to hold this book so tight you’ll leave thumbprints on the page.”
Mark Leggatt, Author of THE LONDON CAGE.
“The world needs to read this book! Years ago I read an early draft of this book and have been haunted by the most stunning visual scenes – reminiscent of such epic novels as “Gone with the Wind” and “Dr. Zhivago.” As the story unfolds we encounter unforgettable characters – heroically desperate, tragic, flawed – and stubbornly determined to overcome events they cannot control. This is a must read!”
Lannette Bailey, Reviewer on Goodreads.
“Was able to read an advanced copy. Must read for fans of the military tech thriller. Set in the near future on the Russian German border, a very real world scenario of a potential border war that could lead to World War III. Well written. Due for a spring release, order an advanced copy now.”
Chuck Wright, Reviewer on Goodreads.
I read an advanced copy. It is a fast paced military thriller. The premise is a future invasion of Germany, across Nato lines by Russia. Offers very realistic atmosphere and characters. A Good Read.
Pete Wallner, Reviewer on Goodreads.