EURICA Spa Headband Hair Wrap, Sweat Headband, Pack of 6 with 2 Facial Mask Brush Fits All




※Do these Spa headband fit my head?
Our Spa headband is 24.5 inches in length and 27 inches when stretched.
With magic tape, easy for you to adjust the size as you want.
Fits min head circumference: 20 inches;
Fits max head circumference: 25 inches.
In general, women’s head is 21-22 in; men’s head is 23-24 in; kids’ head is 20-21 in.

※Have wide application?
Face Wash & Make Up Removal: Keep hair from getting wet;
Skin Care & Facial Treatment: Keep hair from skin care products, facial mask, etc.
Make up: Your hair will not trouble you again;
Sport in Gym: Absorb sweat; keep hair from sticking on face or swinging with your moving body;
Hair coloring and hair wash: Absorb hair products from dripping in your eyes;
Hair drying: Dry hair gently;
Also for spa, massage, yoga in salon, etc.

※Why our Spa headband is better than others?
Wider: Hold more hair, put less pressure on head;
Thicker: Absorb more liquid;
Stretchy: Easier to fit head, firmly stay in place;
Bigger Velcro: Easier to put on and adjust the length;
Each Spa headband has its own package, clean and portable.

※Durable and wear-resisting?
High strength: NOT become loose after long-term use;
High-quality Fabric: NOT become frayed easily;
Washable: Still look fresh after long-term use.

※Okay for sensitive skin? Are they skin-friendly?
YES. It is designed even for delicate sensitive skin.
The microfiber terry cloth is made of 80% poly and 20% cotton, which is extremely soft, absorbent and odor-free.

※Easy to clean?
Washer and dryer friendly;
Can be repeatedly washed without losing shape;
Does not shrink or fade after wash;
Note: Keep Velcro closed when wash. Do not use clothes fabric softener.


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